Adventures of Moo & Bud: Moo and Bud Go On An Easter Egg Hunt

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With just days to go until the Easter holidays, GCSE and A-level students all over the county are focusing on revision. Too many young people will spend hours and hours staring at course notes, becoming disheartened as they realise they are taking nothing in.

Revision sounds easy, but there are so many pitfalls to avoid: too many hours, late-night swotting, no revision timetable, too much time on social media. But Liz Laybourn, Head of top independent school Burgess Hill Girls, says the two most important factors are cultivating the right quality of mind and adopting a balanced approach.

In other words, successful revision is all in the mind rather than the hours. Build at least one NHS Active 10 activities into your daily schedule. Think of activity as a strategy to reboot your mental hard drive. Get out in the fresh air, weather permitting. Integrating mind and body helps to cement content in the mind and keeps you healthy. Stop revising at least an hour before you intend to sleep. You will feel the benefits of a healthy, calm outlook to your forthcoming exams on an academic level and also practically.

It will help you to manage stressful situations such as exams and also increase your capacity and receptivity to handling a challenging question. Assessment criteria for top grades include originality, handling complexity, and applying knowledge in unfamiliar contexts. To do this you need a calm, open mind that is receptive and capable of sustained application to a problem.

A mind that is overburdened with information learned by rote rather than information assimilated and mastered, will struggle. This is why some kind of mindfulness practice — as little as five minutes a day will make a difference — is hugely beneficial. It will help to reduce anxiety and make revising far more effective. Take some time off and give yourself the occasional reward for all that hard work — an Easter egg may fit the bill!

Adventures of Moo & Bud: Moo and Bud Go On An Easter Egg Hunt by K. Elizabeth McCoy

The Moroccan Spiced Chutney is delicious smothered over a roast lamb for a real Easter feast with a difference! The English Provender range of chutneys and pickles are all suitable for vegans. Spring is an amazing time of year. It means a renewal of all things that were once forgotten. The leaves will come back on the trees, and the flowers will begin to bloom.

Birds will begin to fly and the sun with shine and warm the air. Being a parent, we must come up with a way to make this season fun and memorable. Kids between the ages of 2 and 10 will more than likely still want to have fun dying Easter eggs. The best type of egg dye is PAAS. This type has been around for years and has the most decorative stickers and other items to decorate your eggs.

You can make each one in its own unique color, facial expression, and you can even stick hair on them if the kits come with it.

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Once your eggs are all dyed and decorated, you can begin to make your baskets. They can include toys, candy, educational items such as books and coloring books, flash cards and even school supplies. The more fun things you can think of to put in the basket, the more Easter fun there is to be had.

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You can even make these ahead of time and make it a surprise gift for the kids. You would be the envy of the Easter bunny himself! The Easter egg hunt can add even more fun to your Easter holiday! Dying eggs ahead of time and hiding them around the outside of your home and make it a race to see who can collect the most eggs and bring on a friendly competition! Make it more fun with fun decorations, Easter Bunny statues in the yard, decorative eggs that are not edible , balloons and other decorative things can make sore amazing Easter Time fun for all!

There is a flourishing trend for inner city gardens across the towns and cities of the UK, and with bank holiday season fast-approaching this offers the perfect opportunity to tend to the garden and tackle the jobs that may have been neglected over the cold winter months. Spring clean First things first, as the weather warms up, the garden will literally start to spring back to life, and before tackling any bigger gardening tasks, undertaking a full spring clean is necessary. If you have a lawn area in your city garden, the completely robotic system is the ultimate tool for all of your lawn care needs.

The robotic lawnmower manages to manoeuvre itself when obstacles are met, and cutting height is easily adaptable. Users are able to place a PIN code for additional security measures. This is also available as a smart version which covers a broader square metres that can be connected via the app.

HUGE EASTER EGG TREASURE HUNT - Hundreds of EGGS & Hidden Baskets

In addition to this, it mows so quietly that it can hardly be heard by neighbours. Choose furniture wisely, a table with chairs that can be tucked away underneath, when not in use, saves space efficiently. Tap into the trend for vertical gardening. Gardening upwards, utilises fences and walls, whilst freeing up floor space. There are even corner elements, to make the most of every nook and cranny. GARDENA also has the efficient and stylish Balcony Box, a space-saving set of gardening tools; all the basic equipment needed for urban gardening, including a trowel, grubber, secateurs, hand brush and a storage box with integrated dustpan in the lid.

The robust and well-organised box protects tools against all weathers. With room for more tools and the option to hang up, the Balcony Box is space-efficient. The vertical gardening system from GARDENA is the perfect solution for those who have limited space in their homes given the ease of set up and that it can also be extended at any time.

Make watering simple Watering can be another time-consuming and stressful task for green fingered city bods, but installing an irrigation solution such as the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System will enable you to enjoy the gardening season without any of the stress. The system is easy to install and caters to all types of gardens, from potted plants to expansive flower beds.

The ability to water your garden automatically with the Micro-Drip-System, again affords you more time to tackle other gardening tasks over the bank holidays and beyond, or to just sit and enjoy your city garden. Set your garden goals. Every budding gardener will have different aspirations for their outdoor haven, from growing their own herbs and vegetables, beautiful hanging baskets or flower beds or just simply having a perfectly groomed lawn.

Set your gardening objectives as you go at the beginning of the season and tick off your goals as you go along the gardening season. A little planning goes a long way, and knowing when to plant or weed, will make a huge difference in your gardening success. The broad assortments of products offer innovative solutions and systems for watering, lawn care, tree and shrub care and soil cultivation.

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For further information please visit gardena. HomeAway, based in Austin, Texas, is the global expert in holiday rentals with sites representing more than two million unique places to stay in countries, and is a part of the Expedia family of brands. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Meghan Markle. The box opens up to unveil a royal purple interior filled with 36 sachets of traditional and bespoke teas and tisanes. The tea in each Silken Pyramid is of such high quality that each pyramid can make up to four cups.

The limited-edition box will be available from the Newby website. If those bright sugary shells are for you, decorate with mini eggs.


Whatever you fancy, make the Simple Hard Shake your own with a chocolate topping of your choice. Try your hand at mixing this badass, strictly adult treat at home. No bunnies were harmed in the making of this. Calling all alcohol aficionados, Amarula invites you to discover some of the most decadent chocolate treats you can make at home this Easter from their latest recipe collection. From garden to glass, Amarula is made from the organic fruit of the Marula tree, a fruit elephants have been known to walk miles for just to have a taste, and infused with fresh dairy cream to create a rich texture and velvety mouthful.

Enjoying Amarula over ice showcases the underlying citrus flavour of the caramel tasting liquor, however this Easter challenge yourself with a mouth-watering chocolate and Amarula infusion. But this year you can take it one step further and infuse all your Easter favourites with the sweet creamy taste of Amarula.

And for those of you who view the kitchen as a danger zone, remember Amarula is best served over ice and preferably with a view. Amarula Coffee Surprise 60ml Amarula Cream 4 cups strong filter coffee 50ml whipped cream 8 marshmallows 20ml brown sugar 20ml hot chocolate powder Pour the coffee in large coffee mugs.

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Pour the Amarula Cream in each coffee, followed by the whipped cream, brown sugar and marshmallows. Sprinkle with hot chocolate powder and extra Amarula Cream. Nirvana by Chocolate 30ml Amarula Cream 30ml coffee-flavoured tequila Chocolate-coated coffee beans to garnish In a double-shot glass, first pour the coffee-flavoured tequila.

Then over the back of a teaspoon, gently pour the Amarula Cream so it forms a distinct layer above the tequila.

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Garnish with chocolate-coated coffee beans. Drink all at once to taste the combined flavours. Slice each into three even-sized strips, again working lengthways. Leave about 2 cm at the widest part uncut. Plait each fillet. Secure the ends with a strip of chive. Season, cover and chill in the refrigerator. Toss the fruit withthe Amarula Cream in a large ovenproof dish. Dip the fish fillets in a mixture of our, curry powder and cayenne. Lay on the fruit. Brush the fish with a mixture of melted butter and crushed garlic.

Pour the spicy curry basting sauce evenly over the dish. Rub the coconut and turmeric together on a piece of greaseproof paper until the coconut is golden.

Mouth-watering vegan Easter chocolates for 2017

Sprinkle over the fish. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Amarula-Drenched Tiramisu ml Amarula Cream ml espresso 10ml brown sugar 10ml gelatine 40ml water 6 egg yolk ml caster sugar g mascarpone cheese 2 packets sponge finger biscuits 60ml dark chocolate, grated Combine the espresso, half the Amarula Cream, sugar and stir well. Allow to cool down.