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I loved the Costa Rica location - so beautiful! During that week away, she begins to see the man under the persona that the public is allowed to see. Troy is incredibly intelligent, but had a neglected childhood and got into trouble for the attention. He was also very much a loner until he made friends at school, and is still a very private person. I loved seeing him open up to Hillary, even as he tried not to. He just couldn't help it as she reached something in him he didn't know he needed.

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I also loved the way that he did unexpected things for her, and listened to what she said and wanted. When he abuses her trust, she leaves, but soon realizes that it may not have been all his fault. I loved the way they got back together at the end, and look forward to their appearances in future books. I can't wait for the next book! Jul 21, Cheryl rated it really liked it. This series focuses on a group of brilliant and successful men who bonded as teens at a military reform school in North Carolina.

Still trying to make amends for their past mistakes, they now use their rare talents and social connections as freelance agents for Interpol under the leadership of Col.

John Salvatore, their former military school commandant. At age 15, bored and ignored by his wealthy parents An Inconvenient Affair is the first book in a new series, The Alpha Brotherhood.

An Inconvenient Obsession

At age 15, bored and ignored by his wealthy parents, Troy Donovan hacked into the Department of Defense computer system. Hillary Wright was raised on a small dairy farm with an abusive, alcoholic mother and an enabling father. She keeps dating the wrong guys and believes Troy is yet another one of them.

Her last boyfriend was a con artist and an international money launderer. Salvatore is her contact. An Inconvenient Affair is a quick, fun, read with interesting situations and international locales. The dialogue and chemistry between the characters is clean and sharp, and keeps the story moving along. Troy, the male lead comes across very sexy and Hillary seems real. I had a few problems with the story.

Although there were a number of references to Hillary being in danger, nothing came of it. That surprised me. That may happen in real life, but not usually in books. That being said, I did truly enjoy An Inconvenient Affair, and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Wall Street and Mozart, both intriguing characters. Fun and enjoyable. Jul 28, Rhonda rated it liked it. This is a harlequin desire so thier are a lot of hot stuff in this book. Hillary Wright is on a airplane heading for Chichago where she will be working on identifing her ex-boyfriend's partner is stealing money from a charity to help with scholarships. She will be working with CIA and Interpol agents. This way she can prove her inocence. Troy Donavan at age 15 broke into the Pentagon computer and shown a lot of corruption going on. Because of his age he was sent to a milatary boarding school.

When he turned 21 was approached to working with Interpol by he his boarding school general. He also created computer games and software to become a billionare. He was supposed to meet Hillary at the fundraser tonight to work with, but he wanted to meet her early so he got the seat next to her on the plane. He knew she was pretty but not that hot. They flirted the whole way but Hillary told him she was not going to date him. Before they could depart the plane Troy name was called out and he was handcuffed and taken off the plane. Which was a stunt for the charity and good cover for him.

He played rich playboy to the press and did assignments about once a year. Did more work on computer for them more often. Hillary could not believe the guy she was flirting with was Troy Donavan the rich playboy who had got into trouble all those years ago.

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At the Black tie event the last item up for bid was Troy. He was now on stage in tux still handcuffed up for auction was this weekend as his date. He went for almost , The winner was his assistant and he told the audience that he was known for not following the rules and said this way he got to pick the date of his choice for the weekend and in the spotlight went up to Hillary and picked her. They both have issue with thier parents, and still have a lot of issues to workout. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.

Harlequin Harlequin Desire Jul 07, Cari rated it really liked it Shelves: catherine-mann , desire. Catherine Mann has a great new series. A billionaire computer guru, was sent to military school at 15, because he hacked the Department of Defense computers, exposing corruption. He grows up to run a major computer company and helps out the CIA and Interpol on occasion.

Hillary grew up in small town America, the daughter of an alcoholic mom, where appearances were everything. Hillary left her hometown to make it Catherine Mann has a great new series.

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Hillary left her hometown to make it big in the Washington DC charity events planning world. Things go to hell in a hand basket when her boyfriend turns out to be embezzling and money laundering through charities that she planned events for. He's arrested, but not talking, but she knows who is secret partner is. That's what leads her to meet her billionaire soulmate.

Courtesy of the CIA and Interpol. She's flying to Chicago to try to identify the partner at a weekend charity gala.

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Troy is flying there as well, for the same reason. He knows who she is, she doesn't know who he is.

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  • An Inconvenient Affair.

Thus the action begins They are on an exciting adventure traveling the world and falling in love. They spend much of the book in his exotic Costa Rican hideaway keeping each other safe from revenge. It's a sexy, hot fantasyland! You can never go wrong with a Catherine Mann novel.

My only problem was my own. I've been reading only ebooks for two years and this was in paperback. So strange!

Anyway, Read and enjoy! View 1 comment. She writes some of the best heroes that I have read especially her military heroes and Troy is definitely one of her best. An Inconvenient Affair is such a great story. It is a heartwarming, fun, sexy read with interesting and lovable characters.