Awaken the Curse

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It takes a lot of suspension of disbelief and embracing of what we will kindly call nightmare logic to buy into this one, but taken as a disposable tone poem, a cinematic snack, Sadako will do nicely on a Saturday night with a few beers.

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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Soon, Kazuma is missing, and Mayu is searching for her only living family member. This is all a lot for a sequel to live up to.

True power of The Cursed Demon (Meliodas)

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Alexa Egan. Now available only as an eBook, the dark and sexy prequel to the Imnada Brotherhood series about a clan of shape-shifters and telepaths living secretly as humans for centuries. When James arrives, he finds Professor Lacey has vanished while studying a mysterious ancient obelisk and everyone blames the nightwalkers; sinister creatures said to haunt the surrounding remote Welsh mountains.

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Do these legends point to the existence of the Imnada; a race of shape-shifters said to have died off a thousand years ago? James and Kate are determined to find out the truth, knowing it may be the only way to find her father.