Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery

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As a teacher, I look for books that teach a good lesson and this one will not disappoint. I recommend this book for home or school libraries for children from ages 6 to I gave it 5 Howling Halloween stars! The art of dragon killing: Dragons have been eating humans for centuries. Now heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe. Learn how to hunt, kill, and eat the wild dragon.

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Never before has revenge tasted so good. A literary feast for the bloody-minded. In Janet Morris' anthology on the art of dragon killing, seventeen writers bring you so close to dragons you can smell their fetid breath. Tales for the bold among you. Patterson, Bruce Durham, Mark Finn. Includes my story, "The Dragon's Horde. Damned souls wail as plagues wreak havoc, doctors up their fees, snake-oil salesmen make a killing, and Satan turns his hit-man loose. Be there when Erra, the Babylonian plague god, and his seven personified weapons, spread terror throughout the underverse!

Rookie authors write prescriptions for perdition, while veteran hellions diagnose the damned: Deborah Koren, Andrew P.

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Victor Frankenstein and Quasimodo develop a vaccine -- with diabolical results Satan looses Daemon Grim, the Devil's personal hit man, and damned souls cower He currently writes film reviews for http: For more information and the latest news on Whalen's writings, check out his blog at http: You can find him on Facebook at Flying W Press.

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Kira Crance has it all. But her heart belongs to Bobby Vinetti, an Italian Stallion who has kept her around as his number one woman, but not his wife,MoreKira Crance has it all. But her heart belongs to Bobby Vinetti, an Italian Stallion who has kept her around as his number one woman, but not his wife, for nearly a decade. When her eyes begin to roam and she finds attraction and understanding in Jake Moncrief, a wealthy industrialist who loves her for who she is, and not what he wants her to be, Bobby V will stop at nothing to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his.

Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery

With her girlfriends pulling her one way, and Bobby V pulling her the other way, Kira finds herself turning more and more to Jake for the comfort, the wondrous love, she so desperately craves. Her back was to him, but she could feel every bit of his presence. And when he placed his hand, his warm hand on her cold waist, she froze. According to legend, they demanded tribute from my people — not in gold, silver or jewels, but in human flesh, the taste of which they craved.

They spat fire and ruled the skies for thousands of years before the Dragon Eaters tracked their queen to her lair and destroyed her almost five-hundred years ago. But the dragonmen the great dragons bred to serve them, the Draakonim, have survived, have bred and multiplied over the centuries.

What is the political system of your world? Very simple. While each thoon has a council of elders, we are governed by our chiefs. Warhands like me serve our chiefs, but at Klibberhelm Keep, one Warlord is in total command. What is the best way to kill a dragon? As I have already told you, the last dragon was slain almost five centuries ago. Much of what once was known has now been lost to us.

Do you see yourself as a hero?

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What is a hero? I am no hero. I am but a simple warrior who has volunteered to defend the frontier against the continuous raids by the Draakonim. The dragonmen come down from the north to raid into our lands, murdering our men and women, and stealing our children for whatever unholy rituals they observe. Warriors from Thoon Wolf — what you would call my clan and my tribe — have joined with other thoons to man Klibberhelm Keep, the fortress that guards Klibber Pass through the Bluecloak Mountains, to protect our lands and our people. We wage an ongoing war against the Draakonim, and in keeping with the tradition of the Dragon Eaters, we eat the flesh of the Draaks in order to gain their strength and ferocity in battle.

What is the technology level of your world? I have seen such weapons as the catapult used in battle, and have even personally used a crossbow. But my people do not use such weapons yet. The sword, the spear, the axe, and the longbow are our preferred weapons. The Draakonim use weapons made of bone and flint, wood and crystal and stone, although some will use weapons ripped from the hands of our dead. Where do dragons come from? There is no lore or knowledge that tells us the true origins of the Vuladraakoi.

Are there other such monsters in your world? Besides the Draakonim, there are the spiderworms of the Semoory Desert. In my travels I have discovered that my world is filled with monsters of all shapes, sizes and breeds. But the worst monster of all is Man.

How do you define a hero? A hero, to me, works and fights for a cause greater than him or her. Heroes do all they can to protect and nurture, to provide and care for their family and friends; without regard for their own lives, they serve their country. Heroes fight for those who cannot defend themselves; they stand as the shield that protects us, preserving our freedoms and our lives. The cemeteries are filled with heroes. Tanyime is the world of my legacy character, Dorgo the Dowser. It is a world I began to explore over 40 years ago, and it is more familiar to me than the real world.

Give us a couple of lines about your characters.

Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery by Christopher Heath

Vadreo is a no-nonsense warrior, loyal to his calling as a Draak Eater. Marriage and a family are things he gave up so he could dedicate his life in service at Klibberhelm Keep, defending the Twelve Thoons of the Gluriah. He has sacrificed love and wealth, and a lot of the happiness that the world can offer a man, in order to serve his people.

Although she is a grim woman, she is not without a macabre sense of humour. She is quite educated and very intelligent. But more than that.

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