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We are still about three years away from the official repeal of the 18th Amendment, but as we know the partying continued in houses and speakeasies across the great city. No doubt Prohibition caused more than a few people to take up smoking. Women adopted the habit in droves during the Roaring Twenties, and by the Depression it seemed everyone was lighting up. Advertisers explored various ways to market cigarettes, and long before the Marlboro Man made the scene, that brand pushed its product through a series of dopey handwriting and essay contests,,,.

The Marx Brothers were famous for a string of hit films in the s, but some of the comedy on which those films were based went all the way back to the days of vaudeville and s Broadway.

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Here, E. Speaking of sports, we move to the advertisements and the helpful folks from Lucky Strike, who wanted to help you get in shape with a smoke…. Seuss, featuring an elephant that looked a lot like the future Horton, and some unfortunate racist imagery…. Since time immemorial human beings have clung to the idea that unknown lands must surely contain vast mineral treasures.

Such was the case when Admiral Richard Byrd returned from his Antarctic expedition, during which he conducted a number of geological studies. Senate subcommittee that was more interested in exploitable commodities than in scientific discoveries:. One passage of particular interest in this imaged exchange dealt with the speed of climate change in relation to potential mineral extraction…. Newsreels came into their own with the advent of sound, offering moviegoers a selection of news stories from the around the world.

White observed that newsreels depicted foreigners as people who just liked to hang out note the racial slur directed at Latin Americans. William Powell and Kay Francis were frequent co-stars, and would team up for the courtroom drama For the Defense. What Depression? New Yorker writer Morris Markey posed the same question 89 years ago about transatlantic flights, then limited to a handful of daredevils chasing various speed and distance records.

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Markey went on to detail the various obstacles facing transatlantic fliers, including fairly good odds that a plane, laden with fuel and supplies for such a journey, would crash on takeoff. He noted that a little over half of the attempts succeeded, while the others seemed doomed from the start. White pondered the drinking habits of his fellow citizens in the tenth year of Prohibition:. Her first marriage was to Jock Whitney , U. Of course it was also a great way to dramatically expand consumption of its brand, and help usher in a new age of disposable products…. White responded:.

The first image appeared in the June 28 issue, the second the July 5 issue:. Helena Huntington Smith turned in a profile on American birth control activist Margaret Sanger She established several organizations that eventually evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Controversial 89 years ago as well as today, Sanger remains a target of both the right and left, labeled variously as a baby killer and a racist. From to , automobile ownership in America nearly tripled from eight million to 23 million. So they had no problem taking out a three-page ad in the July 5 New Yorker….

Skip to content. At right, undated publicity photo of Holman. This photo from the Nov. Perhaps a tad less formal, it nevertheless remains an important society event. His enemies finally succeeded in killing him on Dec. Curiously, developers of the Empire State Building which was under construction envisioned a similar use for the mast that would top out their tower.

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In reality, winds that whipped around high towers would have prevented this type of boarding. At right, the dirigible is damaged by lightning in a scene that foreshadowed the Hindenberg disaster of The Queensboro Bridge can be glimpsed in the background. Roosevelt Democratic. Both favored repeal of the 18th Amendment. Pictured at the center, a New Yorker cocktail, the object of E. Yes maybe. Mayor Jimmy Walker in Possibly the creepiest animals-presented-as-humans film was March of the Penguins , a hit movie for obviously the very reason that it presented these birds as tubby Christians marooned on a barren snowfield, examples to be emulated for their family values.

When a bird of prey, unidentified but probably a giant petrel, appears in the film and dives to kill a chick, the carnage is not shown nor is the bird identified. The bird is not another creature struggling to exist in a snowfield but an opportunistic mugger from the polar wastes. We are enjoined to see the penguins as good and the giant petrel as wicked. With this travesty of science people try to put a human face on the animal world.

This is perhaps understandable. I've named most of my geese, if only to make sense of which one is which, and they grow into the name. I talk to them. They talk back to me. I have genuine affection for them. They make me laugh in their wrongheadedness as well as in the ironies of their often-unerring instincts. I also feel for them, and I understand their mortality in ways they cannot. But even in the pathos, which is part of pet owning, I try to avoid anthropomorphizing them, which is the greatest barrier to understanding their world. But E. White patronizes his geese and invents feelings for them and obfuscates things.

After years of goose rearing, I finally read his essays and, as I feared, was in the company of a fanciful author, not an observant gozzard, or goose rearer. Here was "a gander who was full of sorrows and suspicions. A goose in White's "classic" story about a spider, Charlotte's Web , says to Wilbur the pig, "I'm sitting-sitting on my eggs. Eight of them. Got to keep them toasty-oasty-oasty warm. Edward Lear was also capable of writing in this whimsical vein, yet his paintings of birds rival Audubon's in dramatic accuracy.

Lear could be soppy about his cat, but he was clearsighted the rest of the time. White is never happier than when he is able to depict an animal by humanizing it as a friend. Yet what lies behind the animal's expression of friendship? It is an eagerness for easy food. Feed birds and they show up. Leave the lids off garbage cans in Maine and you've got bears—"beggar bears" as they're known.

Deer love the suburbs—that's where the easiest meals are. Woodchucks prefer dahlias to dandelions. The daily imperative of most animals, wild and tame, is the quest for food, which is why, with some in your hand, you seem to have a pet, if not a grateful pal.

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White's geese are not just contented but cheerful. They are also sorrowful. They are malicious, friendly, broken-spirited. They mourn.

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They are at times "grief-stricken. He misunderstands the cumulative battles that result in a dominant gander—and this conflict is at the heart of his essay.

He seems not to notice how at the margins of a flock they bond with each other—two old ganders, for example, keeping each other company. It seems to White that geese assume such unusual positions for sex that they've consulted "one of the modern sex manuals. When I came across the gander White singled out as "a real dandy, full of pompous thoughts and surly gestures," I scribbled in the margin, " oh, boy.

During ten years of living among geese and observing them closely, I have come to the obvious conclusion that they live in a goose-centric world, with goose rules and goose urgencies.

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More so than ducks, which I find passive and unsociable, geese have a well-known flocking instinct, a tendency to the gaggle. This is enjoyable to watch until you realize that if there is more than one gander in the flock, they will fight for dominance, often quite vocally.