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After a chance meeting at a club, an aspiring writer and photographer form an instant, passionate connection. But past relationships threaten their budding romance.

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This classic Black romance is officially hitting Netflix just for a month on November 1, so watch it while you can. Watch It Now. Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen as s comedian Rudy Ray Moore, as he creates his beloved raunchy alter ego "Dolemite," one of the stars of the Blaxpoitation film era. In this cult classic action comedy franchise, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are two Miami narcotics cops who find themselves in the midst of drug wars that must be stopped.

Mekhi Phifer plays Mitch, a young man in the s—who along with his friends—becomes a major player in the dangerous Harlem drug dealing scene.

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Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence star in this dark comedy in which they must plan their father's funeral. But it all quickly descends into chaos thanks to a handful of quirky attendees. In this heartwarming family film, after a father loses his lucrative marketing job, he and two friends start a daycare business from his home. The beautiful special agent Cleopatra Jones becomes an unmatched force in the War on Drugs, specifically when it comes to notorious drug queen "Mommy.

Fast Food workers Kenan and Kel attempt to save the Good Burger from ruin as it enters into competition with a heavy-hitter franchise.

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With her dream of attending Harvard's law school at risk, a leader of a Black sorority is tasked with secretly leading a white sorority to victory for an upcoming step dance championship. A former football player hopes to coach the local Pop Warner Football team to victory. Their secret weapon? His niece, who's their star quarterback. The success of a couple's over-the-top wedding is threatened by warring parents, univited guests, and exes.

Fun fact? This Nollywood rom-com had the biggest-ever opening of any Nigerian film to date. As he's expecting his own child, Alan Marlon Wayans discovers he's a sextuplet and sets out to find his five siblings—all played by Wayans. In this Nollywood film, after her father becomes sick, Adaeze must step-up and take over the family business despite it being a male-dominated industry. In this Oscar-nominated, incredibly emotional drama you see a young boy named Chiron grow up in a crime ridden Miami neighborhood, grappling with the troubles around him as he comes to terms with his own sexuality.

In this critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated animated film, a Brooklyn teen named Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider, in-turn meeting his five counterparts from alternate dimensions. In this eye-opening documentary, you're let into the untold story of Clarence Avant, known as "The Black Godfather" amongst Hollywood's elite, in the music industry, and politics.

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And that's just brushing the surface. A struggling music producer and a teenage musical prodigy who's also ridden with anxiety find each other, hoping to break into the Chicago music scene. Two teen geniuses invent time travel-enabling backpacks. But when one of their brother's killed in a police shooting, they attempt to use their new device to save him. As the one and only Queen Bey could do, the songstress announced her groundbreaking documentary just days before it was set to stream on Netflix. In this Netflix original drama, Alfre Woodard plays a woman who uproots her life to take a trip to Montana, leaving her three grown children behind in order to better herself.

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  • And fun fact: Woodard's husband, Roderick Spencer, wrote the film just for her at her personal request. Shot completely on an iPhone, this Steven Soderbergh drama follows a sports agent who concocts a risky plan in order to end an NBA lockout. The directorial debut of actor Chiwetel Ejiofor—who also stars in the film—follows a year-old Malawian boy who teaches himself to build a windmill in order to save his village from starvation. This documentary delves into the events surrounding the mysterious murder of Sam Cooke, the musician and activist who died in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement in In this drama, Will Smith portrays Ben Thomas, an IRS agent who embarks on a mysterious mission to donate seven of his organs to strangers in need.

    But the seemingly random acts of kindness have darker motivations. Marvel Studios struck gold when it produced its first film with a nearly all-Black cast. I cannot see it with my little understanding. Adel and Edel, [2] twin words with almost the same sound and which should have the same meaning.

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    Poor twins! How cruel life has been to you—it has ruthlessly torn you asunder and holds you now so far apart. Once noble, meant what the word signifies. Yes, then indeed it would have been an honour to be "highly born. I remember how embarrassed we were last year, when the ladies of the Exposition for Woman's Work called us the "Princesses of Java.

    In Holland they seem to think that everything which comes out of India which is not a "baboe" or a "spada" must be a prince or a princess. Europeans here in India seldom call us "Raden Adjeng," they address us usually as "Freule. I do not know how many times I have said that we were not "Freules" and still less princesses, but they have grown accustomed to the glamour and still obstinately call us "Freule. Not long ago a European who had heard much of us, came here and asked our parents to be allowed the privilege of making the acquaintance of the "princesses"; we were brought out and shown to him as though we had been dolls; how stupid we felt!

    We could hardly suppress a smile when we heard him. Good Heavens! In his innocence he had paid us the greatest possible compliment; you do not know what a pleasure it was to us to find that our clothes were simple; we had so often taken pains to put on nothing that would look conspicuous or bizarre. Dear Stella, I am heartily glad that I seem to you like your Dutch friends, and that you find me congenial.

    Welcome back homie!

    I have always been an enemy of formality. I am happy only when I can throw the burden of Javanese etiquette from my shoulders. The ceremonies, the little rules, that are instilled into our people are an abomination to me. You could hardly imagine how heavily the burden of etiquette presses upon a Javanese aristocratic household. But in our household, we do not take all the formalities so literally. We often dispense with ceremony and speak our own sentiments freely.

    See a Problem?

    Javanese etiquette is both silly and terrible. Europeans who live years in India, and who come in close contact with our native dignitaries, cannot at all understand it unless they have made a special study of it. In order to give you a faint idea of the oppressiveness of our etiquette, I shall mention a few examples. A younger brother or sister of mine may not pass me without bowing down to the ground and creeping upon hands and knees.

    If a little sister is sitting on a chair, she must instantly slip to the ground and remain with head bowed until I have passed from her sight. If a younger brother or sister wishes to speak to me, it must only be in high Javanese; [4] and after each sentence that comes from their lips, they must make a sembah; that is, to put both hands together, and bring the thumbs under the nose.

    If my brothers and sisters speak to other people about me, they must always use high Javanese in every sentence concerning me, my clothes, my seat at the table, my hands and my feet, and everything that is mine. They are forbidden to touch my honourable head without my high permission, and they may not do it even then without first making a sembah. If food stands on the table, they must not touch the tiniest morsel till it has pleased me to partake of that which I would as much as I desire.

    Should you speak against your superiors, do it softly, so that only those who are near may hear.

    Oh, yes; one even trembles by rule in a noble Javanese household. When a young lady laughs, she must not open her mouth. For Heaven's sake!