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Right on David, thanks for taking the time to comment, and thank you for the kind words. Definitely Mason.

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Sometimes, the higher the fee being paid to the producer, the less likely they are to demand songwriting. The same goes for low rates…they often cause producers for ask for backend revenue from songwriting. That was 12 years ago and nothing happend to that song. I2 years later I am using the lyrics and melody I wrote on a completely different backing track. Or what should I give him, if any? This is a very interesting scenario. They would need something more substantial than hearsay but if they could prove it in court, you never know!

Something signed in writing is always your best bet. Thank you for this great information! I share my songs with the lead guitarist, who puts his ideas in, and then we present this to our bass player and drummer so they can learn the songs. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! At first blush, it sounds like you and your guitar player are writers.

Not sure on the split, I would need more info and perhaps to hear the songs. But you need to discuss with everyone and be honest with your concerns. Ultimately, the 4 of you can agree on any arrangement you like, but it needs to accurately reflect how the songs are written. I wrote them on an acoustic guitar. Now that Ive read up on it, its my understanding that is not the case.

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What if I get signed and re-record the songs in a professional studio and none of his work even remains on the record? Then what would be the point of paying out royalties in that case? Also, record royalties and songwriting are two different things.

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You could give him points on the record i. Email me to chat further. I write my songs,and i sing them.. Please enlighten me how is he still part of the song even though i pay him to record,and how much percentage is he entitled to. It really depends on how much the producer contributes to the compositions. We are now talking about the compensation. What is a normal percentage for such a contribution? Are there any guidelines? It depends how important the trumpet line hook is to the overall song. I would have to hear before and after.

I am collaborating with this producer from Norway and am I from California.

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After I emailed him the lyrics along with my song idea, music and lyrics recorded to his track, he wants me to keep ajusting the melody and lyric to fit his track because he does not want any vocals on the first part of the drop chorus in EDM music. He only wants vocals on the 2nd half of the drop. After we keep exchaging files, and I keep making modifications to both music and lyrics and he adjust the instrumental to fit those changes I go and record professionally the voice.

I also came with the idea of chopped lyrics on the drop, and he agreed. I spoke to a very experienced songwriter who wrote for Neil Diamond and he advised me I should get with this producer on music and the lyric would be 20 for him and 80 for me, since I wrote the lyric. I was a little surprised, but agreed to give him 20 on the lyric. What do you think about this split?? So, he said he will alow me to publish the song on Youtube and monetise it.

As a co-writer, I should be getting with him on the publishing royalties, right? We are both unsigned! What is your advice and how would you do the split royalties? Who owns the masters in the end. Usually the master goes to the artist sining on the track, or to the label is the artist is signed, or is it diffrent in this case! Looking forward to your replay and advice.

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Thank you! It sounds like you need to have a frank discussion with the producer RE songwriting splits. Whatever splits you agree on, you need that put into a Producer Agreement. You also want to discuss master ownership and revenue splits. Hope this helps. That only counts as arrangement correct? A friend replayed the main baseline of an old electro song for me and added drums and other sounds in Fruity Loop to create an entirely new song I am clearing the use of the bassline.

I wrote the lyrics and I am arranging the song. What is a fair songwriter split?

Totally up to the two of you, and I would have to hear the original song and the new one. Is there any precedent on that? Should I receive any sort of credit? The song is not mine, but only the translation. There is a company that likes my translation, and would like to produce my song. However, they want all rights to my translation, and I believe will not produce anything unless I sign away all rights to it. What do you think? Who owns the original songs? Maybe email me to discuss further. Translation rights can be complex.

My producer has worked with me on an ep. On one of my songs that was not finished he contributed to a couple lines in chorus- lyrics only and not music. It felt collaborative for that part and he had other structural ideas. I want to build trusting relationships. Thanks so much! Totally up to your instinct Anita. But it can complicate things in terms of registration etc.

Whatever you do, get a Producer Deal in writing so its clear. If I buy a beat with an unlimited lease and it has a hook already on it and I write the versus es tothe song.

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Can I still copyright the hold song and can I get it published even though the beat maker has it published? That depends on the deal terms associated with the beat. Is this true or is he trying to pull a fast one on me? Or is it the other way around? There is no set standard for these things.

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  • Hi Kurt I am the singer in a band and sings come to me our of the blue. I quickly write down the lyrics whilst singing the melody cos they come together. The verses just glow out then a chorus and the structure is all there.