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When buyers browse genres in Amazon, they can list books by average review. Some authors get friends and family to post positive reviews, but readers soon smell a rat when they see these reviewers have never judged another book. Abbott took the "high-risk" approach of sending a review request document to bloggers who wrote about thrillers only choose relevant bloggers.

Just like any job application or sales pitch, a personalised request is most persuasive; so is one including details about your book and links to any previous reviews, Twitter feeds and websites to whet the bloggers' appetites. Offers of interviews or guest blogs may also encourage bloggers to publicise your book.

For Abbott , good reviews boosted her book's visibility on Amazon. Everyone loves a freebie, especially online. Kenny Scudero , a year-old from New York, says offering his ebook debut, Comfortably Awkward, for free on Kindle one weekend was the best marketing method he used. He gave away his debut novel, The Written, for a month last August.

Before his giveaway, he was selling roughly 50 copies per week; afterwards, his sales more than doubled, and stayed high. Getting read is an obvious way to sell more copies via word of mouth — if your book is any good. For authors wanting to eat, giveaways should be for a limited time only. Even the dimmest celebrity has grasped that Twitter is a great way to sell themselves.

Everyone is a bit hazy about how best to use social media but there are specific ways of finding an audience. Abbott purchased a piece of marketing software called Tweet Adder that enabled her to make contact with people who followed other authors in the same genre. Spamming strangers via Twitter is not usually a route to sales success. Self-published authors and gurus still see too many authors conducting one-way shouting about their book. Chat about stuff other than your book, reply to everyone, and don't get drawn into slanging matches with hostile reviewers.

I don't do too much of that," says Wilkinson. Building an audience on Twitter is time-consuming. How often is it OK to plug your book? Once an hour?! Galley suggests five times — a day. That sounds like a full-time job to me — try employing your sulky teenager or dog to do it for you. Working through the night to write a book while slaving away at a menial day job is an obligatory component of every romantic self-published success story.

Anyone who has knocked out 70, words on top of a job and family life doesn't need to be told to work hard. What is new, perhaps, is that this nocturnal drudgery doesn't stop with your book's publication. Galley gets up at 7am to do what he calls his "social media rounds", visiting eight or nine different social media sites to keep abreast of online chatter. How to download ebooks. Otherwise there are a few things you'll need to set up before you can start downloading ebooks. Visit Adobe. Visit the Adobe Digital Editions website and download the version for your platform.

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Remember you must use the same Adobe ID if you intend to read across multiple devices maximum 6 devices. To do this, connect your device to your computer, launch Adobe Digital Editions and follow the prompts to authorise your device. Check the list of ebook readers supported by Adobe Digital Editions. Then enter your library account with library card number barcode or alias and PIN or password. Click on the ebook for more details about it. You can also leave a review, share a link or download it.

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Andrea Honigsfeld , Judy Dodge. Nonie K. Wendy Ward Hoffer. Harvey "Smokey" Daniels. Michael Apple , James Beane.

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