Red Army Faction Volume 1: Projectiles for the People, The

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Kotsch received a telephone call from an individual identifying himself only as Mueller. Mueller provided Kotsch with information about a meeting between members of the RAF in a West Berlin apartment and gave Kotsch license plate numbers, two addresses, meeting times, and then abruptly hung up. Cooperative intelligence is usually provided by defectors like Mueller.

Kotsch dispatched several detectives to stakeout the location of the meeting. The conclusion of the operation saw several key RAF figures in police custody along with weapons, explosives, and key documents.

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For example, their role in smuggling weapons and communications between incarcerated RAF members were some examples of how the attorney client privilege could be abused. BfV investigators made extensive use of open source intelligence collection by examining the speeches, theses, and brochures of prominent leftist leaders, students, and political agitators.

Wegener studied theories on guerilla warfare, political motives, methods of operation, strategies, and tactics. Adopting this target centric approach, Klaus, Wegener, and the BfV investigators assisted in establishing an accurate model of the RAF culture, individual members, and their supporters. This form of analysis and profiling permits police to narrow their field of focus. Most notably, Klaus was gifted with a personality that people generally found charming, disarming, and magnetic. Klaus used this, as well as his determination, as he went out and visited the families and associates of known RAF members.

By doing so, he was able to conduct an assessment of individual RAF members and associates. Interestingly, Klaus made it a point to never ask the family members to turn in the RAF member; he would only ask that if they did come into contact with the RAF member that they ask the member to stop committing these violent acts. Klaus also traveled to the various police precincts around West Germany to give lectures on the personalities, political motives, intentions, and political philosophy of the RAF. Fellow police officers were stunned when Klaus remarked that he was impressed at the planning and thought that went into some of the RAF operations.

When Horst Herold took over the BKA in , it was a relatively small federal institution with little law enforcement authority. Herold is probably best known for his development of criminal computer analysis within West German law enforcement. The system that he developed has been compared to the internet for German law enforcement. His idea ultimately used a combination of the target centric analytical approach and computer analysis against the RAF. Herold considered the possibility that terrorism at the time may have been the result of the situation as it existed between the eastern and western spheres of political influence.

Herold surmised that the type of terrorism promulgated by the RAF must be destroyed at its origins and this required that the police respond independently with accurate and reliable intelligence.

The Red Army Faction: A Documentary History, Vol.1: Projectiles for the People

Ensuring that BKA agents, police officers, and detectives in the field had timely access to the intelligence that they all needed gave the police the advantage over the terrorists. Herold further strengthened the BKA position by providing open channels of communication between local police and detectives in the field so they could collect and analyze information rapidly, while keeping the BKA informed. Information from police reports and documents were transcribed into the BKA database. This system was designed so that the search engine could assemble information based on statistical patterns based on the description of the criminal being sought.

This enabled law enforcement managers and supervisors to effectively deploy their resources. Every police station in West Germany was connected to the new BKA computer system, with some computer work stations in total available to police. The system contained thousands of names of known RAF associates, suspect organizations, millions of fingerprints, and photographs. Detectives found that the system offered them easy and quick access to some fundamental law enforcement information. The RAF developed an elaborate and deceptive counter measure designed to evade police check points and traffic stops.

RAF members then made efforts to find an innocent civilian who operated the same make, model and color car. In the event of a police road block or traffic stop, all of the corresponding identification and vehicle information appeared legitimate. BKA flyers were circulated to gas stations around West Germany requesting that they look for individuals exhibiting suspicious behavior or individuals with hair that appeared to have been dyed and report it to police. The detailed research conducted by the West German law enforcement community forced the RAF to burro further underground, thus limiting their effectiveness.

The RAF was able to cross the border into East Germany with the help of the East German security services in order to receive additional training and get some rest.

This placed West German intelligence and security services at a great disadvantage. By maintaining pressure on the terrorist Klar, West German police limited his ability provide leadership and to coordinate terrorist attacks until his eventual arrest outside of Aumuele, Germany at an RAF weapons cache.

The study and understanding of the culture of any group must not be underestimated. This is how we come to understand the intentions of an enemy or competitor. Once the information was synthesized into intelligence, it was then disseminated to those operating on a national level thus assisting in making their investigations successful.

AK Press. Edinburgh, UK. Anthea Bell Oxford University Press, UK. Oldenburg, Germany. No progress can be made t. Having failed to destroy Meinhof th.

Reflections on Germany's Red Army Faction

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German Terrorism -Red Army Faction - 1977

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Germany's red army faction: An obituary: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: Vol 16, No 2

Finally, the group managed to take. Occupation of the West German Embas.

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