Shortgrass Song

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Songs From The Short Grass

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Shortgrass Song

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  7. North Star. Richard S. Horse Tradin'. Ben K. Your post wasn't up when I started typing my corrections, or I could have saved myself the trouble! I see I still missed a few points--oh well. Your mention of "Play One More" reminds me that I love that song, as well. There's actually been another recent thread on the same song, and I jumped in with what I was sure were the correct chords. Afterward spotted a typo and re-did them making more mistakes in the process because I was mentally working in 2 different capo'd positions. Just plain dumb!

    I double and triple checked these. Now I have to learn, "The French Girl" Thanks again, Don. Silt and soil, Down it boils, Down to the valleys The gold river rolls To the plains. The range land lies high Up from the river; The coulees are dry Where the short grass grows. Fields of hay, Cottonwood shade, Green patch of home, Through the high dusty land The river flows. Early evening light, Boys practice roping; The day fades away, The night rolls on. The long river winds Through green years and dry years.