The Palin Effect: Money, Sex and Class in the New American Politics

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About Shana Pearlman. Shana Pearlman. Books by Shana Pearlman. Trivia About The Palin Effect No trivia or quizzes yet. Around the Old Continent he was a breath of fresh air with his speeches in Berlin.

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He didn't come to South America but he even improved US image here on how a blackman could made to presidency. But seems now is all falling McCain is winning no hope for the world. I don't understand your point.

What should I be thinking about in frontof the coffee? I really don't understand what you were saying. You posted the below comments, but contend you were familiar with the number of donors before doing so. Please explain. Barack Obama could share their insight with me. As one of them said the other day, people who vote for McCain are stupid and dimwit or something like that.

That's why I expected some of the bright people who will vote for Dear Leader to enlighten me. There isn't a one to one correlation between voters and contributors. Well, people in the marketing business will tell you that you can reckon the probability of someone buying something or donating to a candidate pretty accurately, depending on some inputs like economic stratification, subjective political identification and that sort of thing. What you are saying is that supporters of Barack Obama are 2. Sit down a little bit and think about that in fornt of a good cup of coffee. So much for "small donations" of gentle, modest American voters To shreenick et al.

Look at political history to see how gimmicks can get politicians elected. In Finland we have the most transparent of political systems where academic level debate ensues. However, this has not stopped voters voting for the most colourful candidate, regardless of their overall suitability level of intelligence, or even oratory ability. For example, Tony Halme was elected into the Finnish parliament in - by a landslide no less. His first public statement was calling the President a lesbian.

Say no more. I am distressed beyond measure that John McCain chose such a person and that he appeared to choose her without really knowing her or spending any real time with her. He met her once and had one long phone conversation. It upsets me more that such a huge chunk of my country seems to be excited about her and think this was a good idea as if this were American Idol.

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The fact that she has an extremely limited and provincial background and lack of exposure to the world got her passport for the first time last year!! This is a running mate to a 72 year old man who has had cancer twice. Considering his age and health, it is not unreasonable to think that voting for a Republican ticket is voting for her as the potential leader of of the free world. After enduring Bush and his bumbling trail of destruction over the eight years, this is almost too much for me. I can only hope that the American electorate in the final analysis, when inside the voting booth, will do the responsible thing and vote Democratic.

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Scipio Africanus, the Hannibal slayer:The question should be: Why should the US elect someone with such a radical and deterministic evangelical worldview after we've had the dangerous precedent of having a POTUS Bush-the-Younger who espouses the same worldview with its simplistic approach to complex world problems axis of evil, Iraq war belligerence? I've stated before that I'm not against people of faith being in the White House. I actually support true men and women of faith who have interwoven into their style of governance, fairness and justice - people who actually apply the elementary principles of faith such as "do unto others".

I don't like it when people use faith as a tool of manipulation. It does a great disservice to faith in general. To them: A vote for Obama, is a vote for Euro-Socialism: taxes, multilateralism, abortion, gun control, and "uppity elitists" and leftists from the coasts, Europe, and the Northeast ignoring your needs and ruining the country. A Manchurian Candiate if you will. And its working like a charm for middle America. That, and Karl Rove-esque character assassination that Americans unforunately like to eat up, and Obama is refraining from. Much to the democrats chargin.

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Its rather sad and disappointing. Everything else is what you or anyone else want it to be. Just like with everything else said, done or written. You know, people see and hear what they want to see and hear. We are not immune, we are born like that.

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All of us. And thats where all the misunderstandigs come from and why I dont like to comment much, this being an exception because of my curiosity :. The "Palin Effect" demonstrates to a frightening degree the shallowness, verging on absurd frivolity, of American politics. It is not only that an aging, where age counts, McCain chose an unknown novice to lead the USA, and, alas, the world in case he succumbs to the predicament of age but in that the major qualifications of she whom he chose seem to be a pleasant face and a "rule by the Bible" closed mind plus PR savvy. To contend that the issue is far too serious to be a laughing matter does not brush away the terrific implications of such a choice which , more than anything, demonstrates the mettle of Mc Cain himself!

In November, when Wilson was acquitted, the country caught fire as many Black and brown people were convinced anew that their cities' police were predators rather than protectors. Protests broke out in Ferguson, Oakland, and dozens of other cities over the failure to indict Wilson, but also over what the modern war on crime had wrought: militarized police forces with Army-style equipment and a penchant for violence.

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For many, their local police departments looked more like predators than protectors. Not even Bernie Sanders thought he could beat Hillary Clinton when he entered the Democratic primary. He was slow to build the infrastructure required to win campaigns and fell behind with Black voters, handing Clinton an early lead that would prove insurmountable. Democrats traditionally favor compromise and pragmatism and regardsocialist or even socialist-lite positions as political poison. But, while Sanders didn't beat Clinton, he proved that big, ambitious left-wing ideas actually appealed to voters.

The kind of zeal—swagger, even—that Sanders stirred up among the left-of-the-Clintons crowd represented a fundamental shift: Socialism was suddenly back on the political menu.

The defining political moment of the decade was also the most shocking. The vast majority of pundits and pollsters thought a Hillary Clinton victory was all but guaranteed. But Trump broke through in normally blue Midwestern states, thanks, at least in part, to his strength among working-class white voters. When Democrats woke up on November 8, they realized that not only had they lost a White House race they assumed was already theirs, they had allowed the GOP to dominate state and local elections.

Clinton was supposed to shatter the country's highest glass ceiling. Instead, she shattered a bunch of narratives , including the oft-cited idea that America becoming less white would lead to a permanent Democratic majority. The backlash to multiculturalism, to Obama, and to immigration—all seen as evils by the Tea Party—had effectively taken over the country. The ugliest part of the right-wing renaissance Trump represented was the "alt right," a catchall term for a wide variety of internet-savvy crypto-facists and white supremacists who largely backed Trump.

And in the summer of , these people descended on Charlottesville in the most prominent of a series of far-right rallies, a clear sign that the country's most despicable racists were newly emboldened. The scenes of young white men holding torches while chanting "Jews will not replace us," the violence arguably made worse by police inaction , the murder of counterprotester Heather Heyer, Trump's bizarre refusal to forcefully denounce the demonstrators —all of this was shocking to anyone watching or reading the widespread media coverage.

Their hateful ideology continues to encourage acts of racist, anti-immigrant , and anti-Semitic violence, she added.