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So we met with him and a bunch of other people and they took us to see Hollywood Rose in Chinatown. And it's like, here's the band that would eventually become Guns N' Roses…. To me that was awesome. Slash and Axl Rose briefly played together in Hollywood Rose, but the union quickly fell apart.

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One day not long after, the guitarist phoned his former bandmate at his place of work — Tower Video, across the street from the famous Tower Records on Sunset. Slash wanted to confront Rose about rumors that the singer had slept with his girlfriend. According to Slash in his autobiography, "[Axl] told me that of course he did, but that at the time I wasn't fucking her, so what did it matter?

Wrote Slash, "Axl always chose to patch things up with grand gestures. Fun Fact: In , after Axl and Vince Neil embarked on a war of words in the press, Neil publicly challenged Rose to settle the score, mano a mano, in a backstreet brawl. The proposed location? The Tower Records parking lot. Not long after arriving in L. One of those things. We were the first of four or five bands on the bill. But there were a few people there.

One of those people? Jeff Duncan of Odin. So I was taking all the copies they had at the Troubadour and folding them open to our page in the magazine. Following up the success of Out of the Cellar single "Round and Round," Ratt shoot a video for another track off the album, "Back for More," which shows them performing at Strip hotspot the Roxy. After Poison's original guitar player, Matt Smith, quits the band to return to Pennsylvania, he suggests Slash try out for the position. The guitarist packs up his gear and heads down to Poison's rehearsal space — actually the back half of a dry cleaners on West Washington Blvd.

In Slash's own estimation, he kills the audition. He came in with his hair all done up and was wearing stiletto heels.

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I had on a pair of moccasins. The Poison guys looked at me and asked, 'What do you wear? When I got the phone call that C. Michaels, for his part, concurs, "Slash really did kill it. And, actually, C. He started playing his own stuff, like, 'I got these other songs! You gotta hear 'em! But it all worked out for the best. A flyer promoting the gig reads "L. I was like, 'Look, I want to do this band, but this is really crazy, you know?

Guns N' Roses play their first show with the classic Appetite for Destruction lineup in place, again at the Troubadour. The flyer this time? Though opening night is hardly a smashing success, Lita Ford does give the club an auspicious start by puking in the bathroom. During the shoot, which includes Axl's then-girlfriend Erin Everly decked out in bondage gear, a drunk David Bowie shows up and proceeds to hit on her, setting Rose off. When glam-metal boys aren't at clubs, bars or strip joints, chances are you can find them at an office supply store, printing up massive amounts of flyers to promote their next gig.

And it's serious business: "We'd be putting our posters up on telephone poles, [and] the next band would come along a couple hours later, rip yours down, put theirs up," added Dokken guitarist George Lynch. How to stand out, then? We started being as crude as possible on the flyers and came up with some creative slogans for each show. But by most people's estimation, the undisputed kings of flyerdom are Poison. You staple 'em up and you're gone. We'd find hot girls walking around the Rainbow parking lot and ask them to do a photo session up against a brick wall, and then we'd put 'em on a flyer.

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Too expensive," Michaels says. Too expensive. But they had a shitload of fluorescent green paper that they couldn't give away. We took all of it for a few bucks. So that became our color.

PDF The Tightrope (Cafe Stories singles)

If somebody lights off a pack of firecrackers, anyone standing in front of any of those clubs might get hit. They're that close. Then you go another block and there's the Whisky.

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Trying to get people to come and watch your band play at one of these places from, say, to ? There's a lot of choice. And then it's like, 'That band's drummer has a bigger drum set! Whatever you saw on Headbangers Ball or in Metal Edge , there were hundreds of those bands in Hollywood.

But due to the strict no-alcohol policy, they hightail it over to the latter. Other places to spot hair metal dudes outside of the clubs? Gil Turner's liquor store, right by the Roxy, was another spot.

JAY-Z, "99 Problems" dir. Luckily for us, Superman is still taking out rap villains for a living. Avril Lavigne, "Complicated" dir. The Malloys, The ties! The food court! Pusha T, "Runaway" dir. Kanye West, More short film than music video, the genius of "Runaway" comes from its stark simplicity, and the meaning seemingly imbued within it. After the solo repetitive piano note that opens the song summons a troupe of black-clad ballet dancers, West begins to deliver each line with an increasing look of urgency and desperation on his face, ultimately climbing on top of the white piano before giving way to Pusha T's verse and the dancers' graceful stoicism.

Gwen Stefani, "Hollaback Girl" dir. This is prime Love. Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda" dir. Colin Tilley, Rihanna feat. JAY-Z, "Umbrella" dir. Evan Bernard, It's a tale that highlights the power of the female bond, without making light of its serious subject matter. Eminem, "Without Me" dir. Joseph Kahn, Britney Spears, "Oops! I Did It Again" dir. Nigel Dick, Tyler, the Creator, "Yonkers" dir.

Special kudos to Shane Habouca as the teen protagonist, so nimbly capturing the weird, confusing wonder that is male puberty. Ultimately, 5. In the late '90s and early s, Elliott bloomed into a music video savant because of her audacious attempts to do the impossible in under five minutes. Charli XCX, "Boys" dir. Did we mention the whole thing is bathed in millennial pink? Christina Aguilera feat. Redman, "Dirrty" dir.

David LaChapelle, What better way to play up the youthful sensation of a first love than with LEGOs, a classic toy for a classic rock song. Justin Timberlake, "Cry Me a River" dir.

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Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg, "California Gurls" dir. Matthew Cullen, Romain Gavras, Scenes of stunt men and women sitting on the outside of the tilted rides are juxtaposed with shots of M.