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Bru's Boogie Woogie 9. Blue Shadows In The Street. Regarding this Impex issue I am not so Impressed however. Drum is excellent, piano, saxophone is OK, but double bass is a bit too heavy for me, so as the overall volume level which is too loud compared to other discs.


I like side "A" but on side "B" the piano is sometimes distorted. This is a great recording of an interesting concept: I highly recoommend purchasing this album. Our favorite was Beethoven's Ninth and when we played it we always left it for last, we used to say "if we play it first, what would we listen to afterwards"? Well I'm going to say something blasfemous; I like this record a little better than "Time Out" and after playing it I was left with that old feeling, what can I play after this?

The performance is excellent and the sound is fabulous. Buy this record, if you like Brubeck this is a must. Joe Morello is outstanding and Desmond shines. Write a review and let people know what you think of this product OR just rate it.

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Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Read our Privacy Policy. OK,this is great music, what else can you expect from the quartet? Great album and a great vinyl pressing. Jvalvano , Aug 7, Any more opinions on this Impex pressing?

Just ordered this from Elusive Disc with Cisco Aja press. Elusive Disc states that only copies will be made so I guess if you really want it you better get it quickly. I should get it sometime next week. Uri Cohen , Sep 28, Please do report back on the sound. Perhaps this Impex pressing is worth it.


The title "Miro Reflections" refers to the Miro painting on the cover which includes several random numbers. Dave used all of these numbers in time signatures on the record! Does Impex use the Columbia 6 eye label or 2 eye?

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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. This album is worth it for Unsquare Dance alone! People like to look at faces, especially of celebrities, but there were no photos of the popular musicians greeting the public, just egg shapes and abutting slaps of color.

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But the biggest risk, of course, was the music. The album was a gauntlet slammed into the ground of jazz.

And we can swing in 4, 3, 5, 7, 9, or anything. Here we go. Desmond admired Parker and other bop musicians, but knew he could never be one. Joe Morello is the kind of drummer whose talent knocks you down in stages. Philly Joe Jones played like he was falling down a flight of stairs and then strolled away smiling, but Joe Morello was Picasso, painting himself into cubist corners and turning the trap set into a mirage.

Or like M. Escher, with finely detailed, perfectly executed stick-work leading you down a stairwell and out onto a roof. But he could shout, too. Then he skips away on the ride cymbal. With time-bending sax and shape-shifting drums, the bass player had better be strong, and Eugene Wright is that rock.

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Wright is more than just the reliable springboard for the others, but a master technician of blues and feel. But listen closely. Dave Brubeck may be the most unlikely of jazz pianists. They were surprised then, because in four years of college nobody had caught it. His style of playing also sets him apart, and some wished that he'd cut loose during solos like other pianists.

His block chords and rolling ruminations lend themselves to the sometimes-punishing chromaticism of the tunes. He was always trying something new, looking for sonic breakthroughs that would illuminate the bones and sinews of a piece.

Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Further Out

That was his swing, and his jazz, and it works. He wrote new standards. Jazz or no jazz, he wrote songs, and each solo within the song was also a song.