Winning the Battles in Spiritual Warfare

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However, I know they work from experience. Prayerfully choose a book from the Bible to begin reading daily. Commit to reading one chapter a day, preferably before you begin your day. The Bible nourishes your spirit like good food nourishes your body.

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Read the Word! Choose a daily devotional to read every evening before going to sleep. This simple act of putting the Word of God into your heart before falling asleep can be a very effective way of protecting your mind. During the day, ponder and meditate on a Bible verse that you have recently read. Learn to share your daily triumphs and concerns with God through prayer. Take time to pray all throughout the day and watch your relationship with God grow.

Spiritual Warfare: Fighting to Win

If pride is the armor of darkness, humility is the armor of light. Each and every day, we are all given a choice to act humbly or to express pride. Make it your goal to habitually practice humility and to resist the spirit of pride. Christians have inherited what the entire world is seeking: peace of mind. Our peace of mind comes through being in right relationship with God which was made possible by the redemptive work of Christ. However, some believers have never known true peace because, while their spirits have been redeemed, their minds have never been renewed. Learn to focus your mind and not allow it to wander all over the place.

Your mind can be used for good purposes or for bad purposes.

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Learn to develop a quietness of mind. It is the quiet mind that can better hear the still, small voice of God. After reading this brief list, do you have any spiritual warfare stories that you would like to share with us?

God's Strategy for Winning in Spiritual Warfare

We would love to hear from you and learn what God has taught you about spiritual warfare. Blessings to the author and to all readers. Is is a very important and real domain of our lives. If any church does not teach this it cheats the congregation of a very valuable treasure.

A powerful testimony available on internet. Thank you for taking the time to post such messages of encouragement. I needed to read something like this. I am a believer for 19 years now but the battles still keep coming and I still need and appreciate spiritual coaching to help win those battles.

Thank you again. God Bless. My mind has been noisy for the past 2 years now, always thought that its just my imagination. I thank you for this article, starting now, i will implement those strategies. Thanks once again and may the Lord bless you abundantly. Thank You Agin. God bless the writer and you all.

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I give glory to God and thanks to Jesus christ for the knowledge of what I was up against and dealing with. If not I would not know what was going on or how to fight. Glory to God! This is a very powerful message. Thankyou so much for taking time to waite on God for such a message. Thank you for this powerful insight. Thank you so much brother Jerry, to God be the glory!

Glory to God for these insights. We honored our God in the naming of our business and have been able to bless other people outside of our business — we have employed people that were unemployed before. We have watched people nurture in our environment. But we have had customers that have out of the blue go into huge disputes with us. I had a dream — A man came to me and told me, that my business was under spiritual attack, this made me research the topic of spiritual warfare.

I had named the business out of a book in the bible — this probably got Satans attention immediately. I realize that now we have been attacked from every angle since day 1! Please pray over businesses like ours! I have been through a lot but by the grace of God. I am blessed. Anyway after purchasing I made my way out if the supermarket and was on my way home, when a young man stopped me and asked if he could escort me to my house.

I told him no but he insisted, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to tell him about the Lord and so I did.

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I soon found out that he was an atheist. I did not give up.

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Then a car suddenly past and fired a gun and the gunmen scattered and we realized, it was the young man colleagues, he is in the army and.. Just go to show GOD amazing protection and after two years.

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I saw the young man again, who told me he is now a Christian. To God be all glory! Great piece for every child seeking to develop intimate relationship with God and live victoriously.

Thanks a lot for sharing this insightful teaching. Am greatly uplifted by your great right revelation about spiritual welfare. I have much interest in understanding it more profound than ever before. Have got something new. God bless you for such good councling. One of the greatest ptoblem is, we dont have a true spritual fathets. This day of ministry needs great fathers more then the past. I have calling but I am in great spritual warfare. If the devil is seeking world dominion then we understand that he must stop Christians from praying, listening to the truth and then speaking the truth.

If he cannot stop us from praying or reading the Word then he can cause us to listen to our fears and stop sharing the truth with others.