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Au Sud du Liban, on trouve parfois de curieux objets dans le sol. Puis je reprends. In the South of Lebanon, you might find strange object under the ground, so strange that you lose your job and you lose yourself. Wissam Charaf was born in Beirut in Between and he worked for Lebanese and foreign radio and TV channels, and then as a video editor up until when he moved to Paris.

The Grothendieck Festschrift

He went on to work as a cameraman, assistant director, editor and scriptwriter. In he wrote the script for his first short, Hizz Ya Wizz, which was shown at Premiers Plans in I stop when she moves in her sleep. And I repeat it again. Until the tip of her finger becomes white. With a razor blade, I make a very little incision. Antoine Barraud is a screenwriter and script doctor. His first short, Monstre, was shown in Angers in A small student town in the South, at the end of June.

Two benches, a piece of chewing gum, a student waiting for her exam results, a strange young man hanging around, another one elsewhere is bored. Skin is sweaty, skirts are short, streets are narrow and twist back on themselves always bringing you back to the same place. A beautiful day to meet someone. Together with his girlfriend Liliane, Bruno pays a visit to his father who lives alone in the countryside.

Cultural Performances in Medieval France: Essays in Honor of Nancy Freeman Regalado

He wants to introduce Liliane to him and ask him for some money. Born in Paris in , Arthur Harari studied cinema at University. From the age of 17 to 21 he co-directed several super8 shorts with his brother Tom Harari. Des jours dans la rue, his first 35 mm short, was presented in Angers in He then made another video short, Le Petit.

A man and his son live at the top of a precipitous peak. They are only connected to the outside world by a bridge. The bridge is destroyed and the characters are totally cut off from the rest of humanity. One night the child sees the twinkling lights of a town in the distance. His first short outside the school, Le Portefeuille, won awards in several festivals, including Angers in An actor reads aloud the entire script, in the presence of its author, of a yet unmade feature film.

Two of these readings will be recorded and broadcast on France Culture in May Above and beyond a simple recording or broadcast, we wanted to Denis Podalydes use these recordings to make these writer-directors aware of the radio and the space given over to drama on our station. We also wanted to open up radio drama to new writing, recreating the bond between radio and cinema, opening up the field of writing to scriptwriters.

After each recording we met the authors and invited them to work on the radio, and each one of them produced a high quality radio project. David Oelhoffen adapted a work of Antonio Lobo Antunes for the radio, which will soon be produced. We wanted to continue inviting people and last year recorded Alain Monne and Pierre Shoeller.

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It is therefore a kind of exchange. The writers are invited to follow the finalisation of the recording in Angers with a radio producer, and can therefore get an initial insight into radiophonics, before starting, if they wish, a radio project of their own that we can commission from them.

Zola by Huysmans

Above all it is a question of creating links with these writers by providing them with a space for creation and for radio to be fuelled with this new writing, thus adding to the world of the theatre that it knows well already, the world of cinema. This year the festival is paying tribute to Jeanne Moreau. France Culture has worked closely with her at the Avignon Festival and is very happy to be involved in this celebration!

David Kessler Directeur de France Culture. Every year, the Festival reading committee chooses five first feature film scripts from among the following:. Les Rwandais s'entretuent et les Occidentaux quittent le pays. Kigali in the first days of the genocide. Rwandans are killing each other and Westerners are leaving the country. Jacqueline, a young Tutsi woman who is a nanny in a Belgian family, finds herself alone and abandoned. She flees from the massacres, but arrives too late to save her children and takes refuge in the forest.

There she meets another escapee. Isolated in the woods, one fights for their survival while the other drifts towards death.

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  5. Reclus dans leur maison, les Klein attendent et redoutent le retour de Jean…. Abou Maher lives in Damascus with his wife and their two children. He is a sensitive and generous mechanical engineer, who is driven by unemployment to become a taxi driver between Damascus and Beirut. One day he meets Diana, a Lebanese nurse, and lives a love story with her. Le voyage de Rabia, selected in Angers in , was his first fiction film and Six histoires ordinaires his latest documentary On the first day, Jean, the younger son, is thrown out. Threatening, he goes to the chalet of Nils and Ida for a hunting party.

    On the second day, he learns to kill. He is accused, but disappears into the mountains with a gun. On the third day, there is torrential rain. In the evening, the storm abates. While there he made Judas and Dormeurs for which he travelled to Algeria twice — having grown up in Tamanrasset until Again in he made his first short, Ombre, influenced by old silent films.

    During the next two years at the Studio national du Fresnoy graduating in , he continued his directing research with La Plaine, selected and awarded in Angers in , then Yeux.

    Les Classiques De L'orient - AbeBooks

    After a hold-up he takes refuge in Spain. Life is not easy, just a long slow drift into alcohol. Everything goes wrong. Jacques Sechaud has worked as first assistant director in the cinema and also as assistant director and director in the theatre. Suerte is his first feature project. Anna, 14, leaves her boarding school to go back to her village for the Easter holidays, during which she is to receive the sacrament of confirmation, the final step in her Catholic commitment.

    When she arrives, she finds that her father has left the house. Anna is stifled by this claustrophobic and sad atmosphere.

    Overwhelmed by her desire for a boy, feeling that she is distancing herself from God, she finds refuge with her grandfather. The old man, a pleasure-seeking atheist, lives out his final moments with the young girl.

    Tout foire. For the first time, these screenplay readings will be put to the audience vote. The winning screenplay will be pre-bought by France 2 Histoires courtes. Since its creation in , the Adami has devoted itself to serving artists and performers. A portion of its fees is used to help and promote artistic creation, live performance, and professional training.

    In particular, it accompanies new talent through the first steps of their careers: each year at the Cannes Film Festival, 35 young professional actors under age 30 are chosen to act in 10 short films written and directed by as many filmmakers. These short films later serve as veritable business cards for those chosen. While this visit stirs up trouble in the family harmony, bit by bit we understand that the young woman has come to settle some accounts and face a painful past.

    The screenplays were chosen from the projects supported by France 2, or by the full committee of the CNC this year.